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Hard Floor, Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning Notts

Re-sealing and varnishing service now available.

Now we have the latest innovation for floor cleaning. This new machine can not only produce 100% cleaning results…it creates no mess. As it extracts the excess water back through the machine directly back to the our van mounted waste tank.

  • Ceramic tiles, stone tiles, quarry tiles, wall tiles, hard floors, etc ...
  • This machine is capable of cleaning any hard surface.
  • Domestic, commercial & industry.

As well as removing the stubborn grime on the actual flooring/tiles, this machine completely removes all grime attached to the grout, bring the grout back to its original colour immediately. This process is fast and now can be done in half the time. There is no residue left on completion and we offer a variety of products for when the cleaning process is complete.

We can re-seal your floor/tiles with a high quality varnish/sealant, that will prevent any further grime going back to the surface, leaving the surface looking brand new and 100% clean.

hard floor cleaner nottingham

A process of cleaning all types of wall 7 floor tiles removing all grease and grime from both surface and grout with extreme results.

tile and grout cleaning notts

Wooden flooring, vinyl & laminate

Using the industrial machines, wooden/vinyl & laminate flooring can be cleaned to its highest standard.

Wooden flooring can be firstly sanded down to take off any old lacquer/polish and to get to the original floor. Once that is complete the floor will be completely cleaned and it can either be polished using the machine or we can re-varnish the floor with a non-slip coating and then using “buffing machines” re-polish the floor completely, giving it a high gloss shine, with the natural effect of the wood, still showing through.

This effect is excellent for restoration floors or everyday flooring.

wooden floor clearners in nottingham

Treatments for all our available services

stainguard protection

We can offer various treatments available to us on the commercial market. Using the best products we can obtain.

  • Stainguard protection: a stain repellant & durable water repellant. Not only does this product, prevent spillages from soaking through to the fibres of the furnishings, it also prolongs the life of the fibres, keeping them longer. Spillages must be removed immediately with a clean damp cloth, when product is applied).
  • Anti-static: a compound used in order to reduce build up of static in rooms/offices, where computers ect ... Are in full time use.
  • Stone seal treatment: used on exterior surfaces. Stone seal is a hard exterior product used to re-seal driveways patios, buildings ect ... it maintains the areas and prevents the regrowth of any moss/weeds re-appearing on the surfaces. This product gives the surface a clean looking effect.
  • Fire retardant: fire retardant is applied to all furnishings/textiles, to reduce flammability of fuels or delay the combustions, therefore reducing the spread of fire.
  • Sealant for floor tiles: applying a "satin finish" or a "high gloss" finish using a non-slip product without affecting the appearance of natural stone etc ... Treated surfaces are then easily maintained and this will provide a beautiful finish and prolong the life of the flooring.

All services available on request, please ask.

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