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Carpets & upholstery

nottingham carpet & upholstery cleaning company

Carpets are firstly pre-sprayed, using an effective product, to loosen and remove any soiling beneath the fibres of the furnishings.

The "van mounted" machine is then used producing the highest power and instant hot water to clean deep down into the furnishings, thus removing all the dirt & grime that is hidden deep down.

The machine then removes all left over residue and excess water, straight back to our waste tanks, located in our van.

Leather cleaning & care

Leather cleaning & care notts

As leather is such a delicate cleaning process which takes around 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the suite, this is all cleaned by hand using the best products available on the trade market.

First of all the leather is pre-sprayed and cleaned to remove all stains and soiling. A leather feeder is then applied to keep the leather nourished & supple and prolong the life of the suite. A final application of “seal & shine “is then applied to the suite to bring it back to its former glory and to resist any further staining.


mobile curtain cleaning company nottingham

Pre-sprayed to loosen any soiling and then can be “dry cleaned” or “wet cleaned” whichever is the best process for the type of material being cleaned. All odours are eliminated from the fabric. Whichever process is used, curtains are immediately dry with amazing results. Van mounted machines are used for the cleaning of curtains pelmets ect.

Wool carpets

mobile wool carpet cleaning company nottingham

We offer a complete dry cleaning method, at no extra cost, to all out wool carpets. Wool carpets are more effective with the dry clean method and results are amazing.

Rug cleaning

notts mobile rug cleaning business

We offer a on-site rug cleaning service for all types of rugs including oriental rugs and fringed rugs. Deep down cleaning with a fast drying time. All sizes and various shapes. Drying in time is less than 2 hours.

Hard floors, parquet flooring, vinyl floors & wood laminate

parquet flooring cleaners nottingham

We specialise in all hard floor cleaning. We have a variety of floor cleaning machines to meet each requirement. Methods of cleaning vary depending on the type of flooring you have.

Wash rooms/wet rooms

nottingham wash room/wet room mobile deep cleaning company

Bathroom tiles (wall & floor) are cleaned using the "steam cleaning process". This process eliminates any bacteria and removes limescale & mould from all areas. Sanitising is done using this method.

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