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Our New Cleaning Machines

We use "van mounted" & "trailer mounted" cleaning machines. We carry our own supply of water & electricity.

Our machines are the latest in design & technology, increasing our power to clean even the toughest areas at any distance. Our pipes go as far as we need them to and as well as household customers, we provide a service for any commercial or industrial premises.

Carpets, upholstery, driveways, conservatories, graffiti, curtains, guttering, decking, hard floors, tiled flooring, walls etc ...

Van mounted cleaning machines

Our van mounted machines produce powerful vacuum and instant hot water to the carpets & furnishings. Working up to a distance of up to 500 feet, without any loss or power.

These machines are the highest of technology and the best machines on the industrial trade market. Easy to set up and fast to clean. Any power and water needed, is all conveniently stored within our vans. All excess water and debris is then transfered through our machine, back to our waste tanks, located in the vans.

Carpet & upholstery cleaning method

Using this advanced cleaning machine, we have the ability to clean carpets & upholstery with high performance and excellent cleaning standards.

All furnishings are:

  • Pre-sprayed to work on any stubborn stains within the fibres.
  • Using the machine the furnishings are completely cleaned.
  • "Odour release" is added to the cleaning process, eliminating all odours.
  • This process cleans deep down, therefore gets rid of all soiling and dust mites during this process.
  • Excess water is extracted back into the waste tank, leaving the furnishings slightly damp.
  • Drying time is less than 2 hours on carpets and less than 4 hours on upholstery.
van mounted cleaning machines

Using the trailer mounted machines we are capable of cleaning all exterior items. Using powerful attachments with these machines, any work is achievable.

Driveways, patios, block paving, walls etc ... Are commercially cleaned using high performance commercial power washes. Graffiti can be removed using the latest technology and biodegradable products. Hard surfaces (interior or exterior) can be cleaned using the latest machinery.

professional cleaning machines

Cleaning with these machines, removes anything from the area including weeds, algae and oil marks and "black spot".

van mounted machines on our nottingham vehicles

Latest van mounted machines with interior & exterior floor cleaners and a professional industrial steam cleaning machines.

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